Cerith Wyn Evans



My love of Cerith Wyn Evans knows no bounds!  His multi-sensory creations have opened up new ways of reflecting on M, my main literary squeeze, and have captivated my imagination.  I’ve never been fortunate enough to be present at an exposition, but I admire from afar!

It was in searching for material related to my own work that I found Notes from a fruit store’s reflections and Cerith Wyn Evans.

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Sinner is a humanities doctoral student in a large, overbearing city who should be writing his dissertation, or grading 90 papers, or grading 90 essays, or meeting with students, or reading productively, or reflecting diligently on productive reading. He finds the world complex yet in no way mysterious. He wishes people learned what came before so what comes now would be less baffling and more apparent. He is disgruntled, tired, enthusiastic, dedicated. In a word: he's an academic puppy. View all posts by ChrisB

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