Generally educating?

This is an old-ish article on the CUNY Pathways initiative from the Chronicle about a debate that is still raging as of five months later in CUNY’s immediate geographical vicinity, if not farther.

The topic of general education/core requirements is one of my personal soap boxes, about which I have very strong opinions.  We’ve all been lamenting the trend of declining general education standards across the boards. Though CUNY’s initiative is one of the more publicized and polemic initiatives that I am engaged in.

I’m not weighing in here in long form to spare the inevitable rant. But, at the end of the day I cannot help but scream that this is a bandage over gangrene. The problem of a dumbed-down curriculum will continue to fester, students will have learned less while reports look nicer and administrators can say to politicians “We’re doing, we’re changing, we’re  innovating.”

The race to the almighty Diploma accelerates by means of  sacrificing its content.

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Sinner is a humanities doctoral student in a large, overbearing city who should be writing his dissertation, or grading 90 papers, or grading 90 essays, or meeting with students, or reading productively, or reflecting diligently on productive reading. He finds the world complex yet in no way mysterious. He wishes people learned what came before so what comes now would be less baffling and more apparent. He is disgruntled, tired, enthusiastic, dedicated. In a word: he's an academic puppy. View all posts by ChrisB

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