How the American University was killed, by Homelessadjunct

An incisive view on what for many of us is an urgent and very real concern.

The Homeless Adjunct

A few years back, Paul E. Lingenfelter began his report on the defunding of public education by saying, “In 1920 H.G. Wells wrote, ‘History is becoming more and more a race between education and catastrophe.’ I think he got it right. Nothing is more important to the future of the United States and the world than the breadth and effectiveness of education, especially of higher education. I say especially higher education, but not because pre- school, elementary, and secondary education are less important. Success at every level of education obviously depends on what has gone before. But for better or worse, the quality of postsecondary education and research affects the quality and effectiveness of education at every level.”

In the last few years, conversations have been growing like gathering storm clouds about the ways in which our universities are failing. There is talk about the poor educational outcomes apparent in…

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Sinner is a humanities doctoral student in a large, overbearing city who should be writing his dissertation, or grading 90 papers, or grading 90 essays, or meeting with students, or reading productively, or reflecting diligently on productive reading. He finds the world complex yet in no way mysterious. He wishes people learned what came before so what comes now would be less baffling and more apparent. He is disgruntled, tired, enthusiastic, dedicated. In a word: he's an academic puppy. View all posts by ChrisB

2 responses to “How the American University was killed, by Homelessadjunct

  • Voiceless in America

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  • Clint Ballinger (@clintballinger)

    This is all true, but a significant part of the professoriat deserve the blame as well, namely
    1) Mainstream “economists” who have no more understanding of the economy that those who study animal entrails and
    2) The broad class of utterly useless-verging on fraudulent- class of self-interested BS-ers broadly described as “postmodernists”

    That much of the middle class would want to de-fund these groups is actually understandable. Not that there is not a lot of excellent research and development of ideas in parts of academia. But the fraudulent seriously began to overshadow the good in large swaths of the humanities and social sciences in the last 40 years.

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