About the Sinner

The Sinner is a humanities doctoral student in a Large, Overbearing City who should be writing a dissertation, or grading 90 papers, or grading 90 essays, or meeting with students, or reading productively, or reflecting diligently on productive reading. He finds the world complex yet in no way mysterious. He wishes people would look at what surrounds them and investigate it.  Blogging is a new experiment that he wants to serve as a form of aesthetic, social and professional reflection and hopes to engender and participate in conversations with all the other opinionated people in the blogosphere.

He is disgruntled, tired, enthusiastic, dedicated: he’s an academic puppy gnashing his teeth on library shelves.  He shares his space with a very vocal cat named Rémy.

He’d love your comments because sharing is fun. Otherwise, he’s just talking to himself – and that tends to raise eyebrows for entirely different reasons.

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